Wayfinding signage is like a friendly guide within your business, helping customers and visitors easily navigate complex spaces. It enhances the customer experience, reduces frustration, and improves efficiency.
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Types of Way Finding signage

Types of Led signage

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Type of LED signage

LED neon

Type of LED signage

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What Our Clients Say

Just some of the positive feedback from our clients.
“I had an amazing experience working with Lumen Signs. Their creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail were impressive. They understood my vision and delivered stunning designs that turned into amazing signs and printing. I even had my website updated to match my new branding. I highly recommend them.
S. Vincent
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“When I collaborated with Lumen it was an absolute game-changer. Their designs were fabulous, blending elegance and a my personal style to make some thing that really reflected my business. 
Working with them was a joy, and I wholeheartedly endorse their exceptional talent and expertise, thanks guys.”
If you're in search of a company that can transform your vision into a physical thing, then you are looking for a Lumen Signs.  
This team took my designs and made the lighting and designs elements that were bespoke. We used our own installation team, as we had them on site and they provided every they needed and gave them technical back up. We have since used them for other printing and signage
J. Merlotte

Why Lumen Signs?

We are specialised in creative signage and design services, and can be your one stop from concept to installation.
  • Decades of experience help us make sure you get the best advice and finished product possible.
  • One sign to a national roll-out, we have experience helping a vast range of different businesses with their needs.
  • Innovative solutions to design and manufacturing, get it all in one place to keep branding continuity.

Why businesses love Way Finding Signs

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Designs and styles for all budgets.
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Bespoke designs and materials.
Extremely reliable indoors and outdoors.

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We at Lumen Signsare insanely passionate about great signage & lighting. It's our craft and our mission in life to give personality to all spaces.

How We Work


We Talk

We work hard to understand the vision you have for your project, asking all the important questions to make sure we truly understand your needs and requirements.

We Design

Our design team will put together multiple options for your project and present in a clear way so you can have the ultimate confidence in what you're ordering.

We Deliver

We create your new sign, brand, print or merch, from scratch to the highest standards possible. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Common Questions

What is wayfinding signage?

Wayfinding signage is a system of signs designed to guide people through a space, providing clear directions and information to help them navigate and find their way.

Why is wayfinding signage important for my business?

Wayfinding signage is crucial because it enhances the customer experience, reduces confusion, and improves efficiency. It ensures that customers and visitors can easily navigate your business space, resulting in increased satisfaction and positive impressions.

What types of signs are included in a wayfinding signage system?

Wayfinding signage includes various signs such as maps, directories, directional arrows, floor indicators, and more. The specific types of signs depend on the layout and needs of your business space.

How can wayfinding signage benefit my customers?

Wayfinding signage makes it easier for customers to find their way around your business, locate specific departments or facilities, and reach their desired destinations. This improves their overall experience, reduces frustration, and encourages repeat visits.

Does wayfinding signage benefit employees as well?

Wayfinding signage helps employees navigate the workplace more efficiently, find resources or colleagues, and reduce time wasted on searching. This boosts productivity and contributes to a smoother operation.

How can I determine the best placement for wayfinding signage in my business?

The placement of wayfinding signage should be strategic and intuitive. Consider high-traffic areas, intersections, decision points, and areas where people might get confused or lost. Conducting a thorough analysis of your space and seeking professional guidance can help determine the most effective placement for your wayfinding signage.

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