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Types of led signage

Types of Led signage

Halo Lit

Type of LED signage

LED Neon

Type of LED signage

Fairground Bulbs

Types of Led signage

Face Illuminated

Type of LED signage

Solid Acrylic Illumination

Type of LED signage

Face Illumination

Types of Led signage

Light Boxes

Type of LED signage

Solid Acrylic Illumination

Type of LED signage

Illuminated Logos

What Our Clients Say

Just some of the positive feedback from our clients.
“I had an amazing experience working with Lumen Signs. Their creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail were impressive. They understood my vision and delivered stunning designs that turned into amazing signs and printing. I even had my website updated to match my new branding. I highly recommend them.
S. Vincent
Hair Today
“When I collaborated with Lumen it was an absolute game-changer. Their designs were fabulous, blending elegance and a my personal style to make some thing that really reflected my business. 
Working with them was a joy, and I wholeheartedly endorse their exceptional talent and expertise, thanks guys.”
If you're in search of a company that can transform your vision into a physical thing, then you are looking for a Lumen Signs.  
This team took my designs and made the lighting and designs elements that were bespoke. We used our own installation team, as we had them on site and they provided every they needed and gave them technical back up. We have since used them for other printing and signage
J. Merlotte

Why Lumen Signs?

We are specialised in creative signage and design services, and can be your one stop from concept to installation.
  • Decades of experience help us make sure you get the best advice and finished product possible.
  • One sign to a national roll-out, we have experience helping a vast range of different businesses with their needs.
  • Innovative solutions to design and manufacturing, get it all in one place to keep branding continuity.

Why businesses love Lumen signs

Penny bank
Cost effective to run, costing as little as 1 p/h
Letter design
Limitless design, shape and colour options
Extremely reliable indoors and outdoors

Creative Signage & Lighting

Our work is eye catching.

Good signage should be highly visible and eye-catching, ensuring that it is easily noticed by potential customers.

Make sure you are seen.

How We Work


We Talk

We work hard to understand the vision you have for your project, asking all the important questions to make sure we truly understand your needs and requirements.

We Design

Our design team will put together multiple options for your project and present in a clear way so you can have the ultimate confidence in what you're ordering.

We Deliver

We create your new sign, brand, print or merch, from scratch to the highest standards possible. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Common Questions

What is an illuminated sign?

Illuminated signs are the ultimate solution to make your business stand out from the crowd! These signs are designed with lighting elements like LED or neon lights, which are bright enough to catch the attention of anyone passing by, even in broad daylight. Made with materials that permit light to pass through, such as plastic or glass, illuminated signs are perfect for advertising and branding purposes, making them an excellent investment for your business.

Whether you're looking for a storefront sign, a billboard, or a street sign, illuminated signs can be customised to fit your specific needs and preferences. With their bright and vibrant lighting, these signs are highly effective at communicating messages and attracting customers, making them the perfect choice for any business looking to increase their visibility and brand recognition.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with an illuminated sign that will grab the attention of everyone passing by and leave a lasting impression on your customers!

How much does a 3d illuminated sign cost?

We can manufacture signs to suit all budgets and design requirements. It is rare for any signs to cost below £200 unless they are for mass production and we have a suitable time frame for sourcing the material at bulk cost. That being said there are some options that might be more suitable for those budgets. Up lit engraved acrylic signs are the cheapest options for a small and inexpensive illuminated sign, but would normally be for a table sign or building number. We have produced these before for tanning booth numbers and house signs.

How do illuminated signs work?

LED lights are a popular choice for illuminated signs because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting, while neon lights provide a vibrant and eye-catching glow. In some cases, a combination of both LED and neon lights may be used to achieve a specific look or effect.

The lighting elements within an illuminated sign are typically powered by an electrical source, which can be hardwired or plugged into an outlet. The power source is a transformer to regulate the voltage, stepping it down to 12 or 24 volts for many of our applications of LED.

Overall, illuminated signs use lighting elements and specialised materials to create a bright, attention-grabbing sign that is visible day and night, making them an effective advertising and branding tool for businesses.

How long do LED signs last?

We only use the best LED lights because they offer superior quality and reliability compared to cheaper, lower-quality alternatives. High-quality LEDs are designed to last for tens of thousands of hours, providing long-lasting illumination that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, high-quality LEDs are less likely to suffer from issues such as flickering, dimming, or colour shift, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time.

Do LED signs use a lot of electricity?

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are highly energy-efficient and use significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting technologies such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In fact, LED lights use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and up to 50% less energy than fluorescent bulbs, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solution.

One of the reasons LEDs are so energy-efficient is that they produce light through a process called electroluminescence, which converts electrical energy directly into light. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which produce light by heating a filament until it glows, LEDs do not produce significant amounts of heat, which means less energy is wasted as heat and more is used to produce light.

Moreover, LEDs require very little power to operate and are highly efficient at converting energy into light, which means they can provide the same level of brightness as other lighting technologies using much less electricity. This translates to lower electricity bills and reduced carbon emissions, making LED lights an excellent choice for commercial lighting applications.

Which is better Neon or LED?

Neon lights have a classic, retro aesthetic and are often used for decorative and artistic purposes - Wonderful for interior decoration. They produce a warm, colourful glow that can add a distinctive ambiance to any space. However, neon lights require high-voltage transformers to operate and are relatively fragile, which can make them more difficult to install and maintain compared to LED lights.

LED signs are generally considered safer than neon signs because they operate at a lower voltage and generate less heat. This means there is less risk of electrical shock or fire, which can be a major concern with neon signs. Additionally, LED signs are typically made with durable and shatterproof materials, reducing the risk of breakage and potential injury from broken glass.

LED signs are more energy-efficient than neon signs, meaning they consume less electricity and are therefore cheaper to run. This not only reduces energy costs but also has a positive environmental impact, making it a more sustainable option for businesses.

LED signs are generally easier to install and maintain than neon signs, which can be complex and require specialised expertise. LED signs require less frequent maintenance and replacements, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

From a regulatory perspective, LED signs are generally easier to comply with health and safety regulations, including the Health and Safety at Work Act and COSHH rules. LED signs don't emit noxious fumes or have breakable materials, unlike neon signs, which contain hazardous substances and are prone to breakage.

Choosing an illuminated LED sign over a neon sign can offer a number of benefits for business owners, including improved safety, reduced energy costs, ease of installation and maintenance, and regulatory compliance. These factors make LED signs a more attractive and advantageous option for businesses looking to create a safe, sustainable, and hassle-free environment.

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