External Signage

Shop signs
external wall wraps
projecting signs

Your voice to the world

External signage is how you present your brand to the world, attract new customers and show people where you are.
There are many things to consider how to present your business using signage and lighting. Such as when will you be attracting your customers, what does the overall street scene look like, are you aiming to stand out or blend in.
We will help you answer these questions and provide all the advice required.
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Internal Signage

way finding signs
wall wraps
window manifestation

Creating the vibe thats just right for your brand

Your interior signage may be simple way finding to show people to important parts of your premises, or it might be to create an atmosphere of your desire.
Through innovative use of materials we can help you create your vision in full. We will listen to all your ideas and discuss how we can turn them into reality.

Illuminated Signage

neon signs
led signs
digital signage
Illuminated signage comes in many different mediums. From neons to built up steel letters. What you need will depend on the style you'd like portray. We can help you choose the correct style, size, colour and type of illuminated sign you need for your application.
Taking into account not just your ideal "vibe" but also all practical considerations too.


energy efficent
colour changing

Creating the right ambience

Lighting design is an art that takes a lot of thought to create the right ambiance. It could be a bright work space needing the correct colour temperature of LED's to a restaurant trying to find the right balance between brightness and safety.
We can help every step of the way from design, souring and installation.

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